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A Chat with Gorgeous Adult & Mainstream Star... Gina Lynn

--Wayne C. Lewis

(NEW YORK, NY) -- Top Pro Talent was fortunate enough to nail [well, maybe not nail] Gina Lynn down for an exclusive interview. We got some good stuff and a little dirt, but you'll see how clever she danced some very big press pulling questions.


WL: You're Puerto Rican, Italian and Dutch...that's a good looking mafia that carries knives! Wow! What a mix! My ex-wife was PR &Italian and boy could she cook, but she also had one hell of a temper. Can you cook? Do you have a temper?

GL: I'm Puerto Rican and Italian, not Dutch. I can not cook. I don't think I have a temper but others might say different.

WL: Your mainstream career seems to be going very, very well. Sopranos, ET and random other projects. Do you eventually want to go full blown into mainstream or a little of both worlds?

GL: I love doing the Mainstream and will keep doing it but I also love doing adult. So, for now I will keep doing both unless of course that big million is offered to me.

WL: Eminem...good lover or average?

GL: Ha Ha. Is this a trick question?

WL: YES! Ok, how big is his package? [c'mon, answer the question, LOL]

GL: I really couldn't tell through his baggy jeans.

WL: I can see this is an area that is not going to be answered. Alright, moving on...How did you come up with the name Gina Lynn? Adult Star legend, Ginger Lynn, who says you're adorable, thinks you claimed a variation of her name. Did your porn name idea come from hers? If no, where?

GL: Well I hope she doesn't feel that I copied her because I actually had nothing to do with picking my name. I always danced by Gina but when I met Al from Al's Diamond Cabaret he wanted me to dance at his club and eventually became an in house feature and he advertised me in the papers as Gina Lynn and the name stayed with me since then and that was 6-7 years ago. I love Ginger too and you know as well as I do she has nothing to worry about.

WL: Of course not. And she's doing a show on beginning in June. Speaking of KSEX, here's a question you'll be asked for sure on your upcoming appearance on The Wanker Show. Tell us about Gina Lynn in high school. Were you the preppy Izod sweater geek type or were you the girl that knew what every member of the football team's package tasted like?

GL: I was very quiet in school and dated a guy who had already graduated so I didn't hang out with too many people from my high school. I also started dancing in high school my senior year and went to a Catholic school.

WL: Aside from this interview, what is the most common, probably stupid, question you get from fans from time to time?

GL: How can I get into the industry or can I do a scene with them. The girls from the clubs and the industry (Mary Carey) think I have ass implants and I wish I could prove that my ass [being one of the best in the business] is 100% real. So whoever is spreading the rumors can kiss it.

WL: How are you treated on the set of the Sopranos. Do people give off the impression that you're not a 'real' actress, more like "oh there's the slut" or is everyone respectful and happy to work with you?

GL: They love me and always ask for my autograph or for a picture with me. Tomorrow I have my first speaking role with Tony Soprano (James) so I'm excited about that. Most of the crew is happy to have me on the set but there are a couple girls that are upset that I got the lead role out of all of them, they were the same girls who tried out for 'Analyze That' and I got that role too. Sorry but I work my [100% real] ass off to get these roles.

WL: Along the same lines, do men in mainstream [and on mainstream sets], 'work it' harder with you because as a porn star, they may get the impression you're easy?

GL: They think that but after talking to me or me not calling them after they go out of their way to give me their number, I think they get the picture that I'm there to work.

WL: Tawny [Roberts] says that you two get it on in private, every chance you get. Do you have any other industry or non-industry people we may know that you love to fool around with, off camera?

GL: Tawny is the only girl in the industry that I play around with outside of work and the only guy I play around with is Travis Knight, who lives on the east coast as well.


Editor's Note: Is she talkin' Travis Knight, male talent, or Travis Knight from The New York Knicks?! Find out Wednesday, May 28th on The Wanker Show,


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