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Hillary Scott on KSEX

Scott: "I photograph all my friends naked"

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Hillary Scott was on KSEX's Distorted Reality show Tuesday night, and Jew Hefner described Scott as an ass whore extraordinaire. One could argue, after Scott's performance in Corruption, that her name ought to be immortalized with a sandwich named after her on the ass menu. In trading pleasantries, Scott said she was pretty content right now. It was noted that Scott was very petite and she said she was a size double-0.

"But with the way I eat I should be an obese person," she laughed. Scott admitted that she was the classic pig out girl you see in Taco Bell.

"She takes lots of poops," mused Hefner. At 5'3", Scott weighs 95 pounds. Asked to explain the "content" part of her earlier statement, Scott said she felt she was successful with her career. She's been in the business two years.

"I take a month off here and there when it's time for that," she explained. Scott went to Amsterdam over Thanksgiving.

"It's a great city and people are cool- they're relaxed about certain drugs, like marijuana. I'm a pothead. I went there with all my best friends and my current boyfriend and we had a good time." Asked if she went by the red light district and got a hooker, Scott said yes to the first part of the question and no to the second.

"I wouldn't want to have sex with them," she said. "A lot of them looked angry, kind of pissed off to be there. They were not happy whores." Hefner noted from his last visit there that no one drives cars and everyone rides bikes. Scott said when she first got there and was getting out of the cab in front of the hotel she opened the door and a guy on a bike ran right into it.

"I couldn't help but smile," she said. In her off time, Scott likes to travel.

"And photography is a hobby of mine," she added. "I'm looking forward to making that a career, eventually." Scott said she likes all aspects of photography and particularly likes shooting naked women.

"I love the form, the roundness and the shapes of the women. I photograph all my friends naked. I'm, like, come over and I'll take nude pictures."

Scott said she'll have a website devoted to her photography, eventually.

She took a guess but figures she's done maybe 250 movies so far.

"I'm kind of a versatile performer, I think. I'm an anal princess, actually." Scott said she's really the queen but prefers the other designation. To which Flexxx said he's seen at least a dozen "anal queens" come through KSEX if you were to believe them. He was talking about having a contest based on three categories- depth, width and duration.

"And we're going to run this shit like Track & Field," he laughed. Asked if she's taken Shane Diesel in her ass, Scott said she had.

"Have you ever tried getting someone's head in your butt?" asked co-host Lindsay Meadows. "I would totally try that." Scott didn't think that was surgically possible though she has fisted in her own ass.

"I find doggie works best," she said in a mild demonstration. Scott also mentioned that she's fisted a guy's ass.

"I like humiliating men's buns."

Scott said the guy ejaculated by touching himself.

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