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Shane's Back and so is Odyssey Group Video

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Bob East, who's now heading up production at the resurrected Odyssey Group Video, announced that Shane was back in action, with the company and was shooting a movie called Shane and Friends.

This is East's second tour of duty with Odyssey, having been with Metro, Lava and Phoenix Releasing after Odyssey had gone up for sale.

"There was half a courtroom full of people bidding for it and me on the other side with somebody I was trying to buy it with," says East. "Joseph [from Sunshine] ended up with it."

"They've been trying to get me in here to do sales," East continues. "But that's not what I wanted to do. Then we talked about production. I told them to start the gay stuff up only because with what the adult market was going through, that made more sense. So I came in and started doing that. But the other thing I'm also doing, is, I brought Shane back to them. She just shot two movies.

"One was at Lake Mead- it's the old style. I've seen a rough clip of the first 20 minutes. It looks like the original Shane's World stuff."

"When Odyssey closed and started Phoenix Releasing as a distribution company, I distributed Shane's product," says East. "Then I went into a partnership with Lava which didn't work out and we were still distributing her product. So for the last year Shane had no distribution and the product has just been sitting there but she and I have always kept in touch.

"So when I came here [Sunshine/Odyssey], I said do you want to shoot a couple of movies? She said sure why not, and lo and behold, here we are."

East notes that Shane when she was with Seymore Butts had started at Sunshine.

"She was always a part of the Sunshine family," says East. "And now with the Odyssey-stuff she's right back here again."

Shane now has two kids and, according to East, lives in Sacramento to be closer to her parents.

"She likes it up there- it's a different environment."

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