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08:08 AM PST

Pamela Peaks Pimping Aurora Snow for $1800; James Deen for $1500 as well as 581 Other Performers

--Gene Ross

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Ordinarily I'd have ignored this story, but Pamela Peaks gave me a sob story last year about how her Madam business was hurting and, hence, could no longer advertise. I figured, okay, maybe so.

But, thanks to the alertness of I had to revisit those comments. Porn stars escorting is hardly newsworthy or eyebrow raising but when I'm being played for a sap, well that's something entirely different.

According to the site: “More proof of escorting inside Porn Valley. Here is Pamela Peaks Escorting site where you will find many of the popular pornstars currently shooting porn in Porn Valley while explicitely advertising escorting services right now on this site.

"This escorting site has plenty of men to service your needs as well as many popular female performers we now know are escorting regularly. HERE IS PROOF OF YOUR SAFE PORN INDUSTRY IN LOS ANGELES!!

"Notice “Boy Next Door” James Deen is on this site as well. He charges $1500 an hour for full service sex with both women and couples. I wonder if ABC saw this before putting him on Nightline and giving the link to his blog on their news site. This is what you link up with when you crawl in bed with Porn Valley.

"Marcus London, Christian XXX and Keiran Lee are all names you regularly see working with the big production companies in Porn Valley. You will see they are all listed on this escorting site as well. Looks like the $1500/hour is the going rate for rentboys from Porn Valley.”


Gene adds: Peaks is also pimping Aurora Snow [pictured] for $1800 an hour [Las Vegas area]. And now we know how Kimberly Kupps is paying her legal fees in Florida. Looks like Kupps works the Miami-San Francisco corridor and Peaks is asking $1500 an hour for her as well.

All told, I counted photos of 583 stars on that site including black performers, male performers and TS performers.

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