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Update: 'After Porn Ends' Documentary Looks at Life After Sex on Camera

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from - Porn gets glamorized, sensationalized and sanitized by the mainstream, but its sometimes dark reality is hard even for some of its own insiders to admit.

A new documentary seeks to shed light on what happens After Porn Ends.

The documentary, to be released May 21, seeks to unearth the ordinary family lives of adult video's biggest stars, including those who have left the industry behind:

A press release describes the film:

Directed by Bryce Wagoner, After Porn Ends is a documentary that not only examines the lives and careers of some of the biggest name in the history of the adult industry, but what happens to them after they leave the business and try to live the average lives of others.

It looks at such ex-porn stars as Asia Carrera, Crissy Moran and adult-industry critic Shelly Lubben.

A trailer quotes Moran:

I just started feeling really depressed about it. I can't do anything else. This is what I'm good at. This is all that I know.

Another ex-performer says:

I suddently realized that I don't have to be here anymore. And I walked away. And that was it.

But the sole guy in the trailer, Randy West [pictured], says, "I really don't have too many regrets."

A private screening was scheduled for tonight.

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