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Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek: Kora Peters: "I'm Done with the Porn Business"

--Gene Ross

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Kora Peters is currently in New York working a mainstream job for Peabody Media. Because of the syphilis outbreak, Peters says as far as she’s concerned she’s done with the adult business. Not to mention the fact that she recently tore the meniscus in her right knee and has been in physical therapy.

Because of the proactive stance she’s taken, Peters says she’s been receiving threatening communiqués from performers in the business.

Frustrated that groups like Free Speech Coalition and APHSS aren’t providing the necessary information, Peters went to the outside. She’s been in contact with the Center for Disease Control as well as Cal/OSHA. That action certainly didn’t endear her to those who’ve been slamming her on twitter.

Peters explains that she didn’t make calls to Cal/OSHA to complain or to target specific companies. She just wanted to get an understanding of what was going on.

“I wanted OSHA to educate the adult industry on universal precautions and blood borne pathogens,” she says. “Just the safety precautions you’d take when you’re dealing with bodily fluids.”

Peters is also shocked that performers aren’t vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B though it’s readily available.

“And Hepatitis C is not curable though we never test for it.”

In the five years she’s been in the business, Peters has done, maybe, 50 scenes altogether.

“I’ve never let myself get into that my agent said I had to bullshit,” she says.

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