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Chloe: "I've OD'd Four Times"

recap of some AEE drama

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- On her KSEX show, Tuesday night Chloe offered her take on the events at AEE last week.

Chloe reported she came back with the familiar "weird, spooky flu syndrome" that nearly everyone in the porn industry seems to encounter during the winter show. "Achy bones and no voice. It was crazy." Chloe along with co-ho Daisy went on to describe some of the "drama" on the red carpet at the awards show particularly that involving Kylie Ireland who's also a KSEX porn jock.

"It was important for her to get on the red carpet for us to talk briefly because she's one of us," said Chloe who was conducting interviews Saturday night along with Wankus. "They had shut done the red carpet and in some ways she should have gotten there a teeny bit earlier. But on the other hand, they should have let her get on the carpet particularly with me and Wankus saying she's cool. But it didn't quite go down like that. Her significant other [Bryn Pryor] started to kind of yell and scream. The security guards really don't like that. Next thing the security guards are dragging Kylie and her significant other out of the entire fucking show."

Daisy, who was operating the boom mike at the time, said she thought it all had to do with what Ireland was, or actually, wasn't wearing. "I had no idea what was going on. I thought it was because her tits were hanging out and you could see her nipples." Daisy also wondered who would give such a shit as to make an issue about it, any way. Chloe said the whole situation began to snowball way out of control.

"But everything was good," said Chloe. "We got Kylie in front of the camera. We got an interview with her, and her significant other yelled the fuck at the security guards and everybody made it into the show. She was able to pick up her award because she was a Hall of Famer."

Speaking of awards, Daisy noted that Chloe received one as well- her 12th overall, not counting 9 she's received from XRCO. "I hadn't worked for two years but I was up for three awards," said Chloe. "Best Supporting Actress, Best Sex Comedy and Most Outrageous Sex Scene. That's the one I least expected to win but, of course, I won." Chloe said people all evening asked her what the scene was about and she was damned if she knew. "I still don't know what the fuck it's about." Chloe said it was for Misty Beethoven: The Musical and she, Ava Vincent and Randy Spears were in the scene. "Apparently it was good enough to win The Most Outrageous Sex Scene. I don't think it was a triple-anal or anything crazy like some of the other stuff that was it. I think it was the singing penis scene."

Daisy, who remembered seeing it, said it was the penis tango scene. "It was a fucking great night," said Chloe. "I was going insane."

Chloe mentioned that she wasn't doing a lot of signing [she was at the Adam & Eve booth]. "I did mostly walking around and interviewing people." A caller-in said he heard about the Gene Simmons interview. "I busted his chops a couple of times," said Chloe. "That was great."

Daisy said she didn't recognize Simmons. "I don't think I've ever seen him without his makeup before. I don't think I've ever cared to know what he looked like." Chloe said she's known Simmons from the Rainbow on Sunset. "I've seen him around town for years." Daisy ventured to say that Simmons was something of a dick during AEE and Chloe agreed. "As well as the night of the award show," she added. "He walked right past us without giving an interview. He was so gung ho trying to find out the name of the girl who wouldn't give up a name [Felicia Fox refused to say what rock stars she might have had sex with].

"I applaud her for that. There's so very little privacy left in the world. That set him off with him guessing names."

The caller-in said he also heard that Savanna Samson and Tawny Roberts got into a big fist fight. Daisy said it happened on the floor Sunday and Chloe said she missed that. "Allegedly," cautioned Daisy. "Allegedly Tawny Roberts was dating some tall guy [named Rich] with blond hair. And then Savanna Sampson apparently fucked him at one point and somehow she apparently decided to share it on the floor. They kind of exchanged words. They were arguing back and forth. They both were escorted out. I think carried out, actually."

Chloe suggested they might have staged the fight in order to get out of signing autographs.

"That's the way I would do it," she said. However, in the same breath, Chloe said if there were $1500 hair extensions on the floor, then the fight was legit. "And I want to see some scratches on the face." The caller said he also heard that Savanna was a big time drinker so he wasn't surprised about the news. Chloe said she never saw Samson drink. "But when she did come up for an interview I could smell alcohol on her breath. But everybody smelled like alcohol." Chloe noted that the red carpet was located strategically between two bars.

Fpr the most part Chloe said she missed all the drama. Chloe and Daisy then talked briefly about the Gia Paloma incident. "And last year Chasey Lain, allegedly, OD'd in the bathroom and had to get taken away. [Lain has denied that story.]"

It might have been Daisy who contributed the notion that Gia Paloma sounds like a cyst. Chloe said if she remembers correctly there was a Gia who came in the business about four or five years ago. "She picked the name Gia based on the character from the movie that what's her name [Angelina Jolie] played. That kind of makes sense if this is the same Gia because she kind of named herself after a known drug addict. But this is all alleged shit."

Daisy said Paloma was up and about the next day and accepted an award Saturday night. "It supposedly happened on Friday but she was at the awards show Saturday." As someone who would know, Chloe didn't think anyone could bounce back from an OD in one day.

"I've OD's four times in my life and never once would I have been able to have gotten up the next day and showed up at some place," Chloe said. "I don't know what she was on but I OD'd on heroin twice and cocaine twice. But this was the needle, too. Maybe she snorted too much. But if you're shooting drugs, you're not going to bounce back the next day. Guaranteed. I've been there and I'm speaking from the know."

Then again Chloe acknowledged tat all of this is coming from porn's gossip circuit. "This is porn, people gossip. Like the alleged fight between Tawny and Savanna. We don't really know. We really didn't see it." Chloe said from KSEX's vantage point to the Vivid booth, you could see everything that was going on. "They were right next door. If there was a fist fight, you would have seen it."

For her part, Chloe said the only drama she had on the trip was a family situation. "I had a family argument with me, my mom and my sister." Chloe's mom was supposed to comp her a room. "She did not and my sister showed up out of the blue and she wasn't supposed to be there at all. I got in a big fight with both of them and I'm not speaking to either of them."

Because of her back surgery, Chloe said she fell off the wagon this year, and, consequently, drank at the awards show. "It was a lot of fun. I'm not going to say it was because of the alcohol, but I'm just going to say my view of the show was a little skewed. I was feeling pretty goddamned good and nothing really mattered that much. I'm glad I experienced it. I'm glad I was able to have a drink at AVN for the first time in my life and look around and have a good time and not puke all over the place."

Daisy related the fact that she had a friend who was up for Best Supporting Actress. "Ashley Blue won, so this person that I know who was also up for the award, the person that was sitting with them was shit-faced. Out of their mind. When she realized who her friend lost to: 'That girl's a WHORE!!!I can't believe you lost to a WHORE!!!! And everyone turned around, dude, chill the fuck out. You just assume that you don't win these things when you go to the AVN awards show. You're nominated, you just assume that you don't win. Unless you're sucking some major advertising money cock."

Chloe said if you're a Jenna, you assume that you will win. "But if you're anybody else, you're not going to win." Nevertheless, Daisy was of the opinion that the girl who yelled out, although drunk, was right in the sense that everyone in the industry's a whore. "Technically, we're all whores in this industry. She was making a correct statement but she was sounding a little angry about it."

Chloe remembered an instance at the KSEX awards a couple of weeks ago where she was sitting next to a girl that, whenever her name came up as a nominee, said it had better be her. "I'm not going to give any names. But every time she was in a category it was it better be me, I deserve it."

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