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Hillary Scott Tells All on KSEX

high school sweetheart was a chick

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Hillary Scott was filling in for Nicki Hunter on KSEX Tuesday night. So Guy Capo took the opportunity of getting the dirt on the cutie from Chicago. Scott mentioned that she was taking a couple of weeks off to entertain family in town. She also noted that she was taking a mini-vacation to New York Thursday for a couple of days then returns back to work next Monday.

Scott's from Chicago and before getting into the porn business sold mortgages for 2 1/2 years. Scott said she got bored with the whole process, slacked off and got fired. "I did really good up until that point," she laughs. Around that time Scott hooked up with someone who might have been in the industry. "I think he was talent for awhile. But I don't think he ever came out to L.A. He was telling em about all the money girls can make and how much fun it is."

The guy sent a few pictures of Scott to an agent in L.A. "Which was Scooby. I started talking to Scooby over the phone. He had me come out to L.A. to try it out. I did and have been here ever since." Scott has been in the business since last September. Capo described Scott as the hot chick at the bank that everyone wants to nail. "Now you're doing porn."

Scott said she worked in an ultra conservative environment. "It was middle America, no skirts below the knees. I got in trouble all the time with the dress code, it was so hilarious," she said. "I was the rebel of the office."

Capo said first impressions wouldn't indicate that Scott is this wild child porn star. "You come across in very conservative Midwest fashion. You kind of come across as the girl next door, bank teller. The hot chick at the grocery story. The hot chick at the jewelry shop. You're the hot chick every place I go that people want to nail."

Scott said her cousin knew from the start that she was in porn. "My mom didn't know until this Christmas. It was a week before I was supposed to go back for Christmas, one of her friends saw me on the Internet and told her. She looked at the website. She kind of had her suspicions about me coming to L.A." Scott said she told a little white lie that she was going to beauty school. "I'm really bad at confrontations. I let her find out but she wasn't really that upet about it, actually. She realized that I was happy with what I was doing and being as safe as possible. She's happy with me being happy. She makes jokes about it now. She said my little Hillary always wanted to be in the movies. And now she finally is." Capo suspected that it was okay with mom as long as Scott was acting in a mature fashion. "Not out here just shooting from the hip, doing drugs, partying all night and getting fucked all over."

Capo noted that Scott was playing it like a business. Likewise, Capo said his mother wasn't exactly thrilled with the fact that her son with two college degrees was going to become a pornographer. "But moms have an amazing adaptability. Thank God that they do."

Capo wondered whether Scott was a closet freak in the Midwest. "I think I was," she said. "I lost my virginity at 16 which I think is about average. I lost my virginity but I started dating this girl right after that. That was my high school sweetheart for the majority of high school." After she broke up with her, Scott started seeing a couple of guys. "Then I was actually married for a little while." Because she didn't date a lot in high school, Scott fell in love, practically, with the first guy. "This is the one. This is it. I was 19. We moved in together first then got married four months later. That was ridiculous. That lasted about a year. After the divorce I just went crazy. Before porn I slept with 11 guys and only three before my marriage. After my divorce there was like nine guys. There were a couple of one-night stands which I never did before. There was a lot of casual dating. No commitments at all which was totally by my choice."

Scott says she was always open sexually. "I did anal when I was a teenager and enjoyed it. I've done it ever since then. But as far as doing crazy stuff like going out and doing porn, that came a little bit later." Answering the question, Scott said she and her girlfriend probed each other's asses. "With a girlfriend you want to explore everything possible because there's no dick involved. What else are you going to do?" But it was with her husband that Scott began really enjoying anal. "I did it on a regular basis. It was part of my sex routine." Capo said those who have worked with Scott first hand know well her capabilities. Noting her tiny size, Capo aid Scott will tell guys like Chris Cannon to fuck her ass like it's a pussy. "What more can you ask for out of your mortgage lender? It's a beautiful thing."

Asked what else gets her going, Scott said she enjoys swallowing cum. "It gets me off. I'm bisexual of course and do enjoy those girl-girl scenes. I obviously prefer to do it with those girls who are actually bisexual and aren't gay for pay which unfortunately seems to be the vast majority." According to Scott it's pretty obvious once the scene starts. "When I'm doing a scene I'm also trying to get off," she said. "You can tell with a girl when she's just playing a character. And when I'm playing with her I can sense if she's having a real orgasm or not and how naturally moist she gets. There's a few little indications."

Capo suggested Kimberly Kane might be someone Scott would love to work with. Scott said she met Kane once in Vegas. "She's very cute." One of Scott's recent features is Baker's Dozen 4. "I was pretty much featured in it. I was in three different scenes." Scott described one of those scenes. "It's really cool," she said. "I'm just staring right at the camera. I'm just talking dirty and all these guys are cumming on my face. I'm not even flinching. I don't even blink. I just keep talking and keep talking until the last guy and I just scoop it all into my mouth." Although that's an in between scene, Scott says that's the one most talked about. "That seems to be everyone's favorite."

That got Capo off about how the pop shot is ruined by a lack of enthusiasm. "You can tell the girl really doesn't want it. She's dodging." Scott suspected that some perverted guys would be turned on by the apparent reluctance or when a girl might gag on the cum. "Some guys actually think that's hot." For her part, Scott thinks facials aren't hot.

Capo noted that Chicago is big on S&M clubs. Scott said she just started to explore the clubs when she turned 21. "But I've never been to the S&M ones."

A caller named Quincy noted that a lot of hot girls in the business seem to be from Chicago and asked if Scott would ever wear a Cubs jersey during a movie. Scott said she's seen lots of beautiful girls from the city so she's not surprised. But Capo suspected that he'd have his asshole sued in half for putting a Cubs jersey in a porn film. "You picks the teams and I'll get them in there if you can get me around the lawsuits that would follow." Capo went on to explain how care is taken to avoid such potential suits, that labels on water bottles are one of his biggest concerns. "Or the lube and you've got to blur out the brand name. It's amazing how detailed we have to get in Porn Valley." Capo was also inclined to believe that there was a big influx of Midwest girls in general coming into the porn business. "Hell, I'm glad to see it."

Asked if there was anything she had yet to do, Scott said so far she's declined to be pee'd on. "Then again I don't think I'd mind so much if it was a really hot girl and it was a really extreme scene. I don't know if I'd drink it, though." Quincy said Scott is a black gangbang would do it for him. Scott said she's worked with Sean Michaels as well as Mandingo on a Skeeter Kerkove shoot,

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