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 Ferguson Police Respond To The "Animals" Protesting Unarmed Teen's Death
This is how the FPD rolls in Missouri. But no dash cam

I want to talk about something that goes with my question of why do white people hate blacks that I asked in the article about white Ebola patients being treated with a new experimental drug . There is a picture going around of a 7 year old kid holding up a head that was severed by ISIS militants...

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  • All Quiet On The Gaza Strip : Cairo Negotiates Ceasefire Between Israel And Hamas
    Palestinians elected Hamas. Deal with it

  • America Hates Black People; White Patients Receive Experimental Ebola Treatment First
    Kunta Kinte is gonna have to wait

  • The Real Tyranny In America : NYPD Murders Unarmed Black Man For Selling Cigarettes
    Eric Garner executed with illegal chokehold by Officer Daniel Pantaleo

  • Katie Summers Reviews SHARKNADO 2 : The Second One
    Fin Shepard saves New York City

  • Happy Anniversary XPW! The Glory Days Of Xtreme Pro Wrestling
    XPW better than XXX

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